Yahtzee Croshaw

Explore space. Deliver cargo. Make friends. Deliver more cargo.
Help a flight attendant make sure everyone is ready for takeoff! Do it wrong and suffer the consequences!
Battle Royale like you've never seen it before - from the desk of a TV editor!
A rhythm-based platformer in which you must keep moving to the music as platforms descend.
An adaptation of Lovecraft's short story in which you must use your violin to appease the... things... outside.
Use your gun kata to defend your country from an encroaching horde of wild, mysteriously colour coded pigs.
As a janitor-assassin, can you splatter your target and then remove all the evidence before time runs out?
Watch a little puppy's life go from strength to strength as you very emphatically avoid pressing the eponymous button.
Interactive Fiction
Aid Trilby the master thief on a series of heists by mashing your keyboard in imitation of cliched movie hacking.
The ultimate survival challenge: make several calls to automated phone services without dying of high blood pressure.
An atmospheric horror game about exploring deep waters where something very large and very horrible may lurk.
Build complex machines to systematically process your dog's uncanny magic poo into many wonderful products.
Ricochet a bullet to shoot yourself before time runs out! Very wholesome entertainment!