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Marooned in the middle of the ocean after a plane crash, you are offered a deal by a mysterious artefact -  search the nearby ocean depths for its scattered shards, and in return, it will lend you its power. But many questions are yet to be answered - why were the pieces scattered in the first place? What is the artefact's agenda? And what is that strange stirring from the abysmal depths? The tenth game in my 12 games in 12 months Dev Diary challenge.

Install instructions

Unpack the zip into the folder of your choice and run devdiary10.exe.


Something's In The Sea for Windows 11 MB

Development log


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Really well done. Love the atmosphere. The tension of the camera zooming in as you swim to the surface is pretty wonderful. The sound effects + screen shake when text appears on the screen also really sells the power of whatever entity you are collecting. 

Btw you should really link to the itch page directly from the vids.

This game is pretty interesting and I like the concept of this game

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Got salty in this one lol:

I love it!!!!!!!!!

This was amazing, thank you for sharing!