0.1.9 released! Delivery timers removed! Take it easy!

So those of you who like pissing around in sectors for as long as you like will be pleased by the latest update, which officially removes the concept of delivery time limits from the game. Now, take as long as you like. People in the future are very chill about getting their stuff.

This benefit is, however, balanced by two additional hindrances. Firstly, you can only have one delivery job active at a time, and can't get any more until you've finished the current one (I've taken measures to make it virtually impossible to lose delivery crates.) Secondly, all star systems with civilized planets are locked off until you get a delivery mission that goes there.

These measures are partly to centralize the "delivery string" as the core of the game, and partly to benefit the eventual plot and progression path of the game. Full details in this week's Dev Diary video.

Changelog for 0.1.9:

- Sectors are now locked down until the player is given a delivery job that goes there

- Time limits for delivery jobs removed

- Changed dust storm / asteroid belt side jobs to be more skill-based

- Removed bunk from ship layout (it's obsolete with the new snack mechanics)

- Added ship graphic for when intercepting other ships


Starstruck Vagabond alpha demo 0.1.9 (newest) 6 MB
Jun 28, 2021

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