0.1.3 released! You will never sleep again!

Version 0.1.3 of SV is now available for download, and it features the significant gameplay tweak of removing sleeping as a mechanic. Instead, the ship moves a bit faster and stamina regenerates. Sleeping was starting to feel like an unnecessary holdover from the original Stardew Valley influence, but which doesn't really fit as well for a game that doesn't revolve around a fixed day-by-day cycle. So I'm trying out a build that doesn't have it for the sake of experimenting.

As always, if you're testing the game, make sure you're playing the latest version, and let me know how you feel about the changes. I'll be talking about this build further in this week's Dev Diary video on the Escapist. Here's the full changelog: 


Bug fixes:

- Fixed game crashing if you get the upgrade unit before Dripberg tells you about it in the tutorial
- Fixed problems arising from "missing" the tutorial planet
- Fixed items inside ship modules going missing when the module is upgraded (items inside modules being upgraded now get removed and placed in the planet's loading zone)
- Fixed crash caused by meeting random encounters in sectors with no planets

Gameplay changes:

- BIG CHANGE: Sleeping to fast travel is no longer a thing. Stamina comes back by itself and the ship moves a bit faster. Adjusted certain timings to compensate.
- Crate stamper now appears for sale in trading posts once crate stamping is unlocked (just in case you lose your stamper somehow)


Startruck Vagabond alpha demo 0.1.3 6 MB
Jan 18, 2021

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