More gameplay tweaks abound in 0.1.6

Hello everyone! Been kept busy writing story bits for the full version, but I wanted to do another gameplay tweak in response to some of the feedback I'm seeing. There seems to be consensus that having to deal with air cyclers and the generator coolant getting dirty or messed up by themselves over time is quite an annoyance, and I've come to agree. So I'm trying something new: now, your components ONLY get dirty while you're flying through dust storms. This makes cleaning much less frequent and also something you can avoid altogether, although dust storms are very common, so that doesn't seem likely. I may have to think about adding more activities to the primary loop (maybe stamping crates and watching the hydroponics regulator is enough?) but for now, let me know how you're finding it.

Full changelog for 0.1.6:

- Components that become dirty now ONLY become dirty while in dust storms, and only while the ship is in motion

- Travelling through asteroid belts causes components to get gradually knocked out of line by small increments even if no direct hits occur

- Air cyclers have gone back to being cleansing rather than wrenching jobs

- Emote bubbles now appear when a component requires maintenance


Starstruck Vagabond alpha demo 0.1.6 6 MB
Mar 29, 2021

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