0.1.4 is out! See if it helps performance!

New version time! Not a huge change this time, but try it out if you're one of those people who had trouble with performance while on uncivilized planets. I've reduced the size of the planet areas fairly significantly - wasn't much point in them being as big as they were - and can go even smaller if necessary. There's also some playing around with fixing random seeds to make planets more consistent each time you land on them, and one major crash fix.

As always, make sure you're playtesting the latest version by checking for the 0.1.4 in the bottom right of the title screen, and save games made under old versions will probably crash (or make the game act really weird).

Full changelog for 0.1.4:

Bug fixes:

- Fixed game crashing when requesting freight missions while not orbiting a planet
- Fixed it so the player loses health from working on very low stamina now (although there's still no consequence for running out of health)

Gameplay changes:

- Derelict / breakdown missions no longer disappear if you visit a planet
- Reduced size of uncivilized planet for performance's sake
- Using random seeds to ensure uncivilized planets always generate in the same way
- Crashed ships on uncivilized planets now no longer have loot, just mission items (it was too easy to farm valuable loot by constantly leaving and returning to a planet with a crashed ship)
- Increased chance of hitting an asteroid while flying through a belt
- Started adding the hydroponics bay features (it's not functional tho)


Starstruck Vagabond alpha demo 0.1.4 6 MB
Feb 01, 2021

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I really enjoyed this build.  THis was my first one, so I did not realize you removed sleep in 0.1.3, but it still nagged me about it in this build.

When you call Galactic Express, it's very easy to take the same job multiple times and not realize it until you log out and see you need to do everything three times (or however many).

Is the mechanic for responding to a ship in distress finished?  Because I diverted to get there, was able to hail it, but I couldn't figure out anything else.

I love this game so far.   I cannot wait for the next build.