Hydroponics bay working in v0.1.5!

Once again, a new update ahead of this week's Dev Diary video. 0.1.5 now makes the hydroponics bay fully functional. Want to stop relying on air cyclers? Want to create a magnificent garden that readily produces fruit and veg from all over the galaxy? Or even just a kinda crappy one that only does peas? All this is now possible!

Token reminder that saves from old builds tend not to work in new ones, as it's still early days and I'm doing a fair bit of poking around in core code that old builds might rely on. Sorry. Hope you enjoy your nineteenth time through the starting area.

Full changelog:

Gameplay changes:

- Hydroponics bay now functions! Break plants, fruit or vegetables for a chance to get seeds, then drop the seeds on the planter boxes in your hydroponics bay to plant them. They will grow slowly over time as long as the environmental regulator stays in the green.
- Changed engine sound

Bug fixes:

- Fixed fuel tanks misreporting amount of remaining viable units
- Fixed not being able to warp a distance greater than the number of viable units in the fuel tanks


Starstruck Vagabond alpha demo 0.1.5 6 MB
Feb 15, 2021

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